Our Training

UK, USA – based Training:
We use a dedicated course director
We can assist you with visa application
We meet and return you to a London airport with an inclusive chauffeur service
Cultural activity in London included such as sight seeing
Where possible, the UK and USA courses include institutional visits
Additional benefits to senior executives tailored to meet their needs
Complimentary lunch and refreshments on each training day
Course materials provided on electronic media
A prestigious course certificate of attendance and photos
Tour of Location

Company Profile
Real Grip International a leader in providing learning and performance enhancement solutions. We have successfully designed a ‘one stop shop’ for all your training and capacity development needs.
With a well-researched course work and highly experienced team of professional trainers, we guarantee comprehensive package of performance driven solutions that can meet all your needs. As part of our corporate social responsibility we provide highly subsidized trainings for non-profit organizations or for initiatives driven at community/citizenship development and motivation.

Our Training Methodology
We work closely with our clients and we help them:
 Appraise and identify the exact developmental needs of their staff.
 Inculcate the culture and vision of their organization into the fabrics of the mind of their staff.
 Measure the level of effectiveness in their organization and guarantee a return on their investment.
 Evaluate the impact of our training both at individual and organizational levels.

Our Faculty
We recognize what it takes to develop world class skills for excellence in your workforce and that is why we work with a team of highly experienced professionals. Our facilitators are carefully selected from various institutions and works of life, with high pedigree to deliver on our promise to you.
Our team of trainers possesses the capacity to work with various organisations ranging from blue chip companies, banks, government owned organisations to non-profit ones. It is therefore our utmost commitment to provide our clients with trainers who possess the requisite skill and experience needed to deliver maximum value and return on investment.

Our Customized and On-site Solutions

As a result of peculiar challenges facing each individual organisation, we offer tailored solutions that solve specific diagnosis with the organisation of our client. We also render on-site training services, as required by our client and also carry out training needs assessment.

Our customized and on-site solution enhances:

Easy identification of learning areas/requirements
Easy integration of client’s organizational goals
Easy measurement of required feedback from participants

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